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Jenica Stubbs • Kansas City Customer Service Adviser

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As a true yerd at heart, I get yearbook. I was an editor in high school and college, serving as editor in chief for 3 years of my college yearbook.  I then went on to become a sales rep and now a customer service adviser. So I get it, I really do. I get late nights and obsessing over fonts. I get the mental anguish of having to edit down an amazing story that’s just too long. I get spending way too much time editing photos. I’ve done a little bit of everything. Writing, editing, photography, graphic design, training workshops and seminars, theme development, sales, marketing, and spending summer vacations finishing the book. I know most people won’t realize all the blood, sweat and tears that went into that product, but I will. A So please, let me know how I can make your job easier. I’m here to help.

Julie Bogart • Kansas City Customer Service Supervisor

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I have seen a tremendous amount of change in my yearbook career and I have helped shape a great deal of myself.  From type sheets to eDesign I have helped customers make beautiful books. That experience is what makes me the perfect fit for my newest role in Customer Service.  As Office Supervisor, I will help a much larger department provide service like never before.

Debbie King • Kansas City Technical Service Adviser

Jason White • Kansas City Technical Service Adviser

Scot Robinson • Kansas City Technical Service Adviser

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800-255-6287 •

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I have been a Technical Support Adviser with Herff Jones for 25 years. My education and technical background include certification in Computer Programming from ICM Business School, BA in Organizational Leadership from Calvary Bible College, CompTIA A+ Certified Professional and Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign CS5. I am a grandma of nine and I  love to sew, read. I spend most of the summer at yearbook camps or with her husband on their jetski. My favorite part of yearbook technical support is listening to adviser's laugh when successfully tricking computer programs into doing something the customer wants but the program won't do.

 My 2015 Motto: Thinking outside of the box to provide the best possible positive experience for HJ schools, advisers, and reps!

I have worked for Herff Jones for 20 years in various departments around the yearbook plant. I have been in my current Tech Support position for about eight years. My certifications are in CompTIA A+ Remote Support Technician and Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign CS5.

I have been employed at Herff Jones for four years, most recently in Online Ad Creation customer support. The additional departments I have experience in include: shipping, the order center, the bindery and the press department.  I earned my Bachelor of Science from Western Michigan with majors in Organizational Communication and Political Science.


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Peggy Brown • Montgomery Y is for Yearbook Customer Service Adviser

I have lived in the Montgomery area all my life. I have been with Herff Jones 41 years. I enjoy being with my family and church, traveling, quilting, gardening and just enjoying life every day. I truly love helping my schools create a wondeful yearbook!


Yearbook is truly a team sport!